About us

Nadezda Mikusova Consultancy will help you to resolve health problems of different kind, that can be connected with the presence of high-voltage  ultrasonic radiation in the environment you are living in or you are present for some time.  Please, share with us your negative life experience, so that to define possible hidden factors, that are difficult to detect by an unexperienced person, and to accompany you in your efforts to resolve efficiently life difficulties. As the ultrasonic damage is waiting hiddenly for us everywhere, and the most people are not ready to struggle with it in the most efficient way, the help of the experienced in this matter persons is extremely important! Please, leave your message on this website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Nadezda Mikusova has the master degree in Chemistry, 10 years of work experience as a scientist, – scientific researcher in Organic Chemistry, post-graduate work fulfilled, 10 years of experience as a specialist in ultrasonic abusive presence. She is the author of the e-book “Ultrasonic wars or fighting against the sound of silence and living without pain”. She participated in numerous international scientific conferences and can offer personal consultancy as well as public lectures, regarding ultrasonic abuse phenomenon.

The abusive usage nowadays of the ultrasonic surveillance systems has created a lot of problems, the origins of which are erroneously attributed to other factors due to the lack of public instruction and culture in this matter.

To learn more in this regard, please read the book https://ultrasonicwars.com/page_id42/ .

What are sectors of the human life, where the abusive ultrasonic radiation can influence negatively the situation, – almost all of them!


And when they are being overlapped with the artificial ultrasonic vibrations, then the life in any its form risks to be collapsed, being transformed into the universe dust due to the destruction of every connection between elemental particles and complex structures.

What kind of consultancy we can offer to you:

  1. If you want to buy a house or appartment, you MUST CONTROL A POSSIBLE ABUSIVE PRESENCE OF THE PIEZOELECTRIC CABLES INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF IT (in other words, ultrasonic cables) and investigate on the presence of the anti-thieve surveillance contracts, stipulated between neighborhood and local surveillance private companies with the usage of the ultrasonic and infrared components. These local companies must give you a warranty of a non utilizing against you of their private systems installed near the property, that you want to buy, and after you will buy it. Many modern multi-apartment residences have already installed inside them these ultrasonic cables surveillance systems, that can be abusively used against you and your family, when you will move in. Ask the residence administrator to release you a warranty, that your property will be always free of any ultrasonic disturbance, signed by the proprietors of the local surveillance company, that manages this system. You can ask for our testimonial on place to verify the presence of such an abusive ultrasonic radiation ( please contact us on this website for this kind of service). It is a crucial thing to do, if you want to have a happy, undisturbed life in your new property. Nobody never speaks about it, but this system makes people to become ill, may be to lose a job, to lose money, to influence the way of thinking, leading even to a suicide, or cancer appearance, bad school results of your children, broken electronics at home, car problems in garage, and so on, an infinite number of possible problems to make you always lose your money.
  2. To verify the abusive installation of ultrasonic transducers in the school lamps to avoid a selective manipulation of the school results of your children.
  3. To give you an advice regarding sleeplessness disorders, suicide attempts, a strange behavior not typical for a given person or animal.
  4. To investigate on a sudden freezing effect, that makes the environment temperature to lower of -15°C (if the actual temperature is 15°C for example, than the ultrasonic system can selectively bring it to 0°C).
  5. To investigate on the face ruining evidence, including contraction of the face muscles of people not already young, making their faces evidently ugly. The fine cuts of skin can be also due to the abusive ultrasonic attack on your body.
  6. To investigate on babies crying for unknown reasons, that can be caused by the ultrasonic abusive presence. In this way important internal organs of babies, like heart, sexual organs, anus, kidneys, etc. can be damaged.
  7. To investigate on perforation of the human and animal body at all levels.
  8. To investigate on perforation of pastry anf other type of food.
  9. Abnormal lose of hair.
  10. Movement problems especially of elderly people, but not limited in the age, or loss of consciousness.
  11. Different problems regarding pregnancy, like esophagus and stomach burning sensation, kidneys problems, etc.
  12. Babies health problems, like curvy neck and sole of the foot, a curvy spinal column, etc.

There are a lot of other health problems, that we are ready to assist and to investigate, if they are connected with the abusive ultrasonic presence in the environment.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us to be helped to resolve your problems efficiently.