Nadia Mikushova Services offers consulting and coaching full course, that will permit you to be fully instructed regarding the ultrasonic hazardous phenomenon and to be capable to deeply understand what to expect in any precise situation and how to react to avoid dangerous consequences for your health and that of persons and animals around you, and to have a correct mode of behavior regarding the ultrasonic defense. This will assure you to be capable to have a full control in any hazardous or unusual situation. In this regard Nadia Mikushova Services invites you to read the ebook by Nadezda Mikusova . The goal of this course is to teach you:

  • to develop the own precise sensitiveness towards the ultrasonic radiation, that is especially used for the ultrasonic surveillance purposes
  • to acquire the analytical thinking in this respect to be able to define quickly the source of the ultrasonic radiation
  • to learn to read thoughts of who uses this type of radiation to be able to detect the hazardous plans and to prevent a possible damage
  • to be able to create rapidly any kind of efficient defense against the ultrasonic violence
  • to learn to collaborate with police in an efficient way to eliminate and to prevent ultrasonic hidden attacks and possibly to find authors of them
  • to learn to conserve perfectly the own external physical aspect and to preserve health
  • to start to think in a new another dimension way, that exists only due to the ultrasonic radiation
  • to become a person with new very precious abilities absolutely important in the new present era of the extensive ultrasonic abuse everywhere
  • to become capable to make new valuation of historical facts, never explained to a large audience, and connected with the hidden ultrasonic violence on persons and objects.

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