Prayer for the Glory of the Highest Holy Mother – Our Earth

Prayer for the Creation of the New Universal Church of the Holy Earth

Prayer for the creation of the New Universal Church of the Holy Earth for the benefit of the salvation of herself and everything naturally born and naturally created by her and for the salvation of all our souls.

Prayer for forgiveness by her of all our sins and troubles inflicted on her for the benefit of a bright future life on Earth, our brightest mother.

Our prayer is to our Mother Earth, who loves us and keeps us, – our only protector and benefactor in the entire Universe.

You, our planet Mother Earth, we love you dearly and do good to you, and we ask you for the forgiveness of all our sins that hurt and humiliated you, the protector of everything that lives on you, the blue planet.

We bow low to you, kiss your fertile feet and ask you to protect us from all disasters and hardships, make us wise and happy.

We will always pray for you with all our souls and every time we ask you what we did wrong and ask for forgiveness so that you do not get angry with us and allow us, your tenants, to live a happy, simple and carefree life, directed by all our thoughts, for a bright future.

Forgive us sinners before you in our deeds and actions. Amen….

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